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 Do selfies not cut it for you? 



Larger-than-life, high end, gallery-style portraits of you or your family members are hands down different.


Even your most selective interior designer can find a place for them because these are not just  aesthetically pleasing and high-quality prints, but they are also very much exclusive and intimate.


What else could make a home warmer and more personal than having our loved ones around us all the time?


Years have gone by, and our children have grown up. Our parents or grandparents are not with us anymore. 


Why should we miss the chance to record ourselves and our loved ones in different stages of life in a high-end, professional way, optimal for even large-sized prints for the wall?



Candid moments we capture with our phones have their place too, of course.


But are you looking for real, artistic high end portraits that document various stages of your life?


That’s where I come in! My studio in Berlin Wilmersdorf is the place you’ll want to be!

I shoot and have your images printed properly, unlike mall photos.





What does your face say about you?

I will capture your very essence with custom, large high end portraits.


Let your light shine through the lens of fine art portrait photography.


Let your vibe tell your story.




Here are some of my images as examples in a real-life interior 





I’m Levente Kovacs, and I am a portrait photographer specialized in creating exclusively

high end, fine art portraits.


In 2021 my portrait "Girl with feather" made it into the the top winning entries at the Siena  Photo Awards.


Every portrait I take is clean and simple yet distinctively unique, creating timeless memories for you and yours.


My headshots represent you as you are in the very moment. High-End Fine-Art Portraiture is as simple, puristic, authentic as possible. It is important to me to avoid any distracting elements and to concentrate only on the essentials.


At the end of the day, I want you to be able to have the finest gallery of quality wall art possible.


I can make clients of all ages feel comfortable in front of the camera - as a father myself, I know how to engage little ones as well.


Levente Portrait Photography Berlin
Levente Portrait Photography Berlin Wardrobe
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Levente Portrait Photography Berlin Gift Voucher



What happens at a photoshoot?

Every client is as unique as they are different. When you work with me, you get a fully customized session designed to capture you and/or your family members in the way you see them.


Do  I  need  a  Visagist?


As for your outfit, we will help you prepare for your photoshoot. We recommended you come with your hair and makeup done. A visagist is available at an additional cost should you need your makeup professionally done. However, if you don’t want to invest in a visagist, that’s no problem! Any kind of blemishes or skin problems that are not a permanent part of your look can be taken care of when I retouch the photographs.




We like to capture children as they are, so please don’t put makeup on them.


For kids, we have a large wardrobe that you can borrow from for free. The goal for every shoot is to have a relaxed environment and serene atmosphere.




When  Do  I  get  my  Images?



Right after the session, we select the photos I will retouch for you. In just a few days, your new images will be available for all of your applications.



Can I purchase wall art products?


If you would like, you can choose from a wide range of physical premium-quality wall art products, such as prints, canvas, and so on. 









What   i s  the  ideal luxury gift  for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or any occasion? 



Why choose, when you can give both?



Click for Conditions and the Contact Form!









How much does a session cost?


Just as with your session, every client’s budget is different. Some demanding clients come in only wanting a high end headshot for their work bio, while others want to create timeless, heirloom art portraits. We work with each client to build a session within the budget they are working with.


What’s your budget? Check out our roll down menu in our contact form and see what we can do for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We will work with you to build the session of your dreams.

Plus, if you allow me to use your portrait on my website, you can get an extra discount!


What’s your budget? 

Check out our roll down menu in our contact form!

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